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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Great War of Mobile Company

Number Retention Service
  1. What is Number Retention?
    Number Retention allows you to retain your existing* mobile number from another operator when you subscribe to StarHub Mobile. You will be able to receive calls and SMS/EMS that were made to your existing* mobile number as these calls and SMS/EMS will be forwarded to your new StarHub Mobile number.

As of today, with the possible of changing your mobile company and yet able to retain your old mobile number, the 3 local mobile company will be coming up with more attractive plans to retain their customers. Consumer like us will get to enjoy the benefits, here is one of the promotion done by Starhub, to attract new and current customer.

source (click to enlarge picture)

What's next? You sign line with us, we pay you cash together with a new handset? or Unlimted talktime and sms at only $15 / months? i am seriously looking forward to see what the other two mobile company can come out with in the near future.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I will be back

To all my readers, stay tune for this space as i will be back.Do keep refreshing this page to get the lastest from me.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Assassin

Inspired by hardwarezone EDMW (Eat Drink Man Woman), and in conjunction with Xavier, i decided to do a 50 reasons why CPL Dave decided to AWOL with rifle to Orchard Road. Any reader who are interested in contributing, can just leave a reason on my tag box and i will update it once i see it.

let me start the ball rolling,

1) He just want to help anti ODEX fan teach Mr Peter Go and Mr Stephen Sing a lesson.
2) He was trying to emulate the Virgina Tech massacre by coming to UniSIM and zua people with his rifle. <--Xavier-->
3) He was trying to fulfill his childhood dream carrying a rifle walking down Orchard Road. <--Binghong-->
4) He was inspired by the song 'Purple light' where there is a phase "saw my girlfriend with another man, kill the man, slap my girlfriend with my rifle and my buddy and me...e...e" <--Dennis-->
5) He wanted to bring home to train for his $200 marksman.
6) He was on his way to saving private Ryan.
7) He wanted to show his ex girlfriend that HE is the one who have the real gun and not some neither girl nor guy thing.
8) He didn't want to ORD so soon <--JY-->
9) He want to teach those lians and bengs at cineleisure a lesson <--JY-->
10) He want to challenge his ex girlfriend that he can stripe a rifle faster than her les partner <--JY-->
11) He was disappointed that his ex girlfriend has better criteria than him and therefore lead to this silly incident. <--Carmen-->
12) He brought the rifle to cineleisure is because he felt he can have a better game of counterstrike using the real thing. <--junhao-->
13) He was inspired to do a GTA: Orchard
14) he was thinking with his damn helmet,sbo and underwear! <--Ed-->
15) he wana prove that he can shoot further than his ex-gf's partner!! <--Kiro-->
16) he wana play resident evil 5. <--Kiro-->
17) he was arming himself in case an earthquake hit singapore and looting ocurs..tremor woah <--Biltz-->
18) he want to shout "ORD O!!!" and start shooting at the sky(he probably got the idea from ndp) <--David-->

keep your reason in! there's no limit to how many reasons you can think of.

Monday, August 13, 2007

NDP 07

Finally, it ended. 4 months of marching, getting every of my Saturday burned to prepare for the big show on 9th August. Now i realized what they mean by 台上一分钟, 台下十年工。 (what happen on the stage maybe one minutes, but it take ten years to prepare). It may not take us 10 years to prepare all this, but it can be say to be tough to drag your feet to book in at 8am every Saturday morning and booking out as late as 10pm at night, missing out on the gathering with your buddy and getting yourself tired after one day of training under the hot sun, but all in all, its worth it as the parade was a success. After all, finally this parade is the last of 2007 having took part in the SAF day parade too, summing up an eventful 2007. I will miss the gossip session in the waiting area before the parade, the guys who joined in the gossip, the rush to return arm after the parade to book out fast and also the every Monday off! NDP 07: a memorable parade.

picture (left): NDP 07 marching contingent

Monday, August 06, 2007

Tribute posting - Starhub

I want to thanks Starhub for the broadband services they providing. The best internet connection( the so called 'FAT GREEN PIPE' choked green pipe you mean?) i can ever find, saving my electricity bill by disconnecting my broadband every 10-30 minutes after leaving my ass off my computer seat to get drinks or toilet break. Thanks for the consistent calling me to remind me of outstanding payment for the month every now and then because i regularly feel it hard to part with my money for such poor services monthly.

And also, i want to thanks Starhub for regularly disconnecting my mobile line because of my refusal to pay up for such pathetic service every month. And after which my refusal to pay up the outstanding balance for my mobile, they decided to play some childish punk my disconnecting my residential line because it is also register under Starhub. Thanks for letting me know that a service provider and be so childish at time. Who know after this posting, they might resort to something more gangster like burning down my house or ask people to lock up my gate just because of my refusal to pay up. You should just give yourself a new name: STARFUG for providing such out of the world customer services and product. We might just turn to your enemy for better services soon! (FYI: i find M1 customer service better than what you have provide)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Javducation - 1/8/07

Been a long time since i last did Javducation mostly the reason due to, too tried to even touch the papers to look at news. But nevertheless, i gonna start picking up the papers and start this online education running again.

Once again i learn:

1) that blogger not only serve as a place for blogging, recording down your daily happenings or dull s in life, it also serve as a place to find your missing friend. <link here>

2) that if you happen to have a friend who natural reflex reaction was to grab your arm and try to fracture it, chances of you going home with a broken arm is high.

3) that guys, if you date a girl out and do not wish to send the girl back home, simply ask her how's she going back, if she say she is going to take a bus at the bus stop nearby, simply wave goodbye to her and walk the opposite direction.

4) that bus fare is gonna cost a minimum $1 upon boarding very soon in the near future. GST hike, bus fare hike, expenses hike but never your pay.

5) That some people can achieved orgasm by going to the dentist, maybe plucking out wisdom tooth can be orgasmic too.

<link here>


A MAN, on his first visit to a polyclinic, made lewd remarks and obscene noises while the woman dentist was treating him.
She ignored him but later made a police report.

On Wednesday, odd-job worker Benjamin Lim Chy Meng, 38, pleaded guilty to insulting the modesty of the 28-year-old dentist.

He was fined $1,500.

Lim had gone to the polyclinic on July 10 last year at about 11.35am.
While the dentist was scaling his teeth, he started to make obscene noises, saying it was orgasmic.

5) that in UK, a typist thumb cost more than a soldier's leg. If you are a typist and you HURT your thumb, you get $1.5M. However, if you are a soldiers' who LOSE your leg, you only get $177k, so is it because a thumb cost more than a leg or just because soldiers got a cheap life compare to a typist?

6) that it's ironic that we are encouraged to make more babies but some people (e.g. celebrity) got her contract suspended just because she's 7th month pregnant.

It has been awhile...

Sorry to my viewer, been quite awhile since i last post an entry. Been really busy with national service involving with all sort of parade you can think of. National Day Parade being part of it of course. Well its coming to an end and i'm getting kinda more breathing space right now, look out for this space again for frequent entry by me in the near future.

In the meantime just sit back and relax, keep a lookout for the continue of 'Javducation' .

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Up and rising hip hop star in Muar

This clip have been circulating in the net for quite some times already, its a rapper from Muar singing about his Mandarin.

*May contain explicit language, not suitable for the youth